Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have all seen the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused in Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected as they begin the process of recovering and rebuilding from this catastrophic event.

Many of our orchestra colleagues at school districts in Texas have told us that Hurricane Harvey was much worse than expected and extensive damage has been done to homes, schools and local businesses.  This also includes considerable damage to school music libraries; many of which have been tirelessly grown for decades. 

Currently, rebuilding homes and lives is the most important thing on Houstonians minds; however, the devastating loss to Texas school orchestra libraries is a major hurdle that many programs will face in the near future.  While this is not the current focus for Texas teachers, it is something that we can all start to help with now for when they are ready to rebuild in the months to come.  Luck’s Music Library has started a You Caring campaign to help Texas orchestra directors rebuild their libraries.  For every dollar donated, Luck’s Music Library will match that donation.  With these funds, we will work with the affected school orchestra directors to purchase orchestra sheet music so they may begin to rebuild their libraries.

We hope that you will join us in this endeavor to stand by our orchestra colleagues and programs in Texas so they may continue to thrive despite this storm.

Thank you for your generous support,

Melissa Luck

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